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On December 21, 2012, the EPA promulgated Boiler MACT rules. Evergreen Engineering can help you determine the best strategy for achieving compliance. Up-to-date emission inventories are essential to begin determining your facility’s status. Every site is unique and requires a thoughtful approach to compliance but time is short and the time to start is NOW.

Evergreen offers an economical step-by-step program to determine your facility’s individual Boiler MACT compliance status.  Our approach draws on our deep well of process expertise as well as our experience in modeling and analysis to understand operational variables.

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Our Certified Energy Managers have extensive boiler operations experience and can provide the energy assessments mandated by Boiler MACT.  Experienced environmental staff will confirm emission inventory estimates; perform an evaluation relative to the new Boiler MACT rules; identify and evaluate compliance strategies; and recommend a path forward to help you achieve compliance.

Evergreen Engineering is an industry leader in providing detailed engineering for integrating new emissions control equipment into existing facilities and the environmental permitting associated with that equipment.

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