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Evergreen has been recognized as a leader since 1985 in pulp and paper engineering including; WOODYARDS and CHIP SCREENING SYSTEMS, with numerous systems and installations across the United States and Canada. In fact, Evergreen has helped develop and advance chip uniformity systems and applications, including co-inventing the ChipManager PSTTM (Proportional Screening Technology) and ChipManager VSFTM (Variable-Split-Flow) systems. These systems have been very successfully utilized at numerous mills for many years.

Examples of chip uniformity projects completed by Evergreen abound. One of the more striking examples is the project at Kimberly-Clark Nova Scotia, which went from concept to start-up in only nine months!  Additional project profiles can be found in our Project Portfolio.


Evergreen  completed detailed engineering for a RECAUSTICIZING SYSTEM for Pope & Talbot in Halsey, Oregon. This project is just one example that illustrates Evergreen’s ability to successfully execute complex projects.

Evergreen has completed hundreds of projects throughout pulp & paper mills from the woodyard through pulping, through the paper machines, and to roll handling – in pulp and containerboard mills – and even to some more specialized paper and converting mills. These projects dealt with everything from the facility’s infrastructure to machine design issues, and with all engineering disciplines. We have also worked on staff and managed numerous projects for owners on site at mills.

Evergreen has developed a phased methodology for Structural Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation Plan (SCARP) to address the deterioration of steel and concrete structures in aging plants, especially in areas subject to chemical attack such as Recovery and paper machine wet ends. The SCARP program has been successfully employed by Evergreen at a number of mills to identify and prioritize mill-wide structural condition issues, estimate necessary repairs and associated costs, and plan for rehabilitation of the structures.

For example, Evergreen designed and supervised complete replacement of two floors in a Recovery Building at a Weyerhaeuser mill “on the fly” by suspending and shoring tanks and equipment while demolishing and rebuilding the floors!

For more information on Evergreen’s SCARP program, please contact us.

In summary, Evergreen is an authority in pulp and paper engineering, including woodyards, chip screening systems, and materials handling. Evergreen has specialized expertise and methodology for structural assessments and rehabilitation. We are experienced and proven in many other areas of pulp & paper mills, and capable of addressing most types of projects throughout the mill. We are especially adept with complex retrofits and we can help you make your facility more efficient. Contact us today!