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Forest products – solid, composite, and engineered – remain a major segment of our wood engineering business. This includes all types of panel plants and engineered wood products (EWP), as well as technologies such as urban wood, alternative fiber panels (strawboard), wood-plastic, and fiber-cement composites.

We have completed hundreds of projects at wood products plants all over the United States and into eastern Canada, up to and including complete greenfield plants. Evergreen has the strongest technical team in the industry for panel plants and EWP.

Evergreen is an industry leader for industrial panels and we are frequently contracted for technical process and plant design expertise by owners and even other engineering companies. We have completed numerous wood engineering projects in this area for many industrial clients. Evergreen and its staff have also been involved with alternative fiber panels (strawboard) for many years and are well-known as a leader in this area. Click on INDUSTRIAL PANELS for a summary of our work with Particleboard and MDF.


In work closely related to Industrial Panels, Evergreen has considerable experience with value-added enhancements such as coatings, overlays, and laminates.

For EWP, including LVL , I-joists, glu-lams, and other specialized technologies, Evergreen is again recognized as an industry leader. Evergreen and its staff have been heavily involved throughout the development of these technologies.

For STRUCTURAL PANELS, Evergreen has extensive experience in Veneer and Plywood plants, with numerous ongoing projects in every area. For Oriented Strand Board (OSB), Evergreen has expertise in every area of OSB plants, with particular strength in log handling and environmental controls. We are adept with plant retrofits and equipment installations, and can work competitively in any part of North America.

Evergreen has considerable experience with SAWMILLS and the capability to handle projects ranging from sophisticated merchandising systems to complete mills.

Environmental issues are of considerable interest throughout the wood products industry. Evergreen has demonstrated a very high level of understanding of these issues. We have not only employed conventional control technologies in numerous installations, but we have pioneered innovative combinations of existing technologies (through pilot testing and evaluation) and new technologies (e.g., pilot testing of biological destruction for VOCs). Evergreen has been very proactive in this area, as evidenced by our presentations in industry. Part of our motivation is to help ensure that the MACT standards when promulgated allow for the most cost-effective means of meeting requirements.

Evergreen has also developed methods of employing the control technologies in conjunction with strategic upgrades that make the complete package into a net positive return rather than just an expense for plants. What this means for owners is that we can greatly assist in addressing the hard decisions of what level of investment, if any, is justified to continue to operate or upgrade existing plants in conjunction with meeting environmental requirements. Some aging plants may benefit from carefully planned rejuvenation in conjunction with investment in emission controls, to bring them into efficient, competitive production. Others may have reached the “harvest” mode, where it makes more sense to invest minimally to keep them in production only until the cost of operation exceeds the return. Evergreen has developed a methodology, and employed it at a number of existing plants, to provide a factual basis upon which to make sound decisions.


Evergreen has always sought to anticipate new developing technologies and to be prepared with the right expertise to serve these needs. Thus, we have stepped forward as the first (since 1997) and leading engineering services company serving the Wood/Plastic Composites (WPC) industry that is not an equipment vendor. Click on WOOD/PLASTIC COMPOSITES for a summary of Evergreen’s experience with WPC, including examples of recent projects. We have the capability to provide everything from business strategy/planning and product/market assessments through engineering to complete turnkey installations.

Finally, Evergreen has been involved with FIBER-CEMENT COMPOSITE products, with a few specific projects for fiber-cement siding plants, though we have the capability to assist with larger plant projects in this area.

This only scratches the surface. Evergreen has very broad capabilities and considerable depth of expertise in all areas of wood engineering plants.