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About Us

Evergreen's awesome staff!

Evergreen’s awesome staff!

Evergreen provides Engineering and Construction Services

All Engineering Disciplines – Civil/structural, mechanical, electrical/controls, chemical, process, environmental – with registration in most of the United States and the ability to easily add more.

All Project Phases – From initial planning/feasibility studies, to preliminary engineering, capital cost estimation, and detailed engineering, to permitting, construction, start-up, and commissioning support, even ongoing technical support for operational systems.

All Project Sizes and Types – From small jobs to complex custom retrofits in existing industrial facilities, to complete new greenfield plants, even research and process/ prototype development.

Company History

Evergreen Engineering, Inc. was incorporated in 1985 and with headquarters in Eugene, Oregon. We originally served mainly the forest products industries (wood products and pulp & paper) that used to be predominant in the Pacific Northwest.

In 2016, Evergreen opened an office in Atlanta, Georgia to better serve clients in the southeastern United States.

As early as 1986, Evergreen began to diversify into other industries, including metals (steel and titanium) and chemicals (adhesives). This diversification continued over the next few years into power and energy systems, especially as related to utilities for industrial plants.

Evergreen has always striven to anticipate new technologies and industrial trends, and to be prepared with the tools and expertise to meet these challenges. Evergreen initiated its own research of alternative emission control technologies to be prepared to offer industrial clients the best technical solutions.

Size and Scope

Evergreen serves industrial clients and locations in the Pacific Northwest, throughout the United States, and around the world.

Evergreen has completed thousands of projects, with engineering fees ranging from under $1,000 to several million dollars U.S. We are not too large to assist our clients with smaller projects when they need us, and we have proven our ability to effectively execute large projects in locations as distant as Eastern Canada and throughout the United States.


In many ways, Evergreen stands as a contradiction to the general myth that an engineering services company must be big to be diverse, and that in order to succeed a medium-sized engineering company must have a specialized niche.  However, we do have specialized expertise in some areas.  For example…

  • Pulp & Paper: woodyard/chip uniformity systems.
  • Wood Products: Industrial Panel Plants, Engineered Wood Products, alternative fibers, urban wood, emission controls.
  • Fab retrofits, Utilities, HVAC, Tool installations.
  • “H” occupancies.

Our real strengths lie in our ability to apply our core engineering disciplines and project management skills to a wide spectrum of applications.

Evergreen provides close, on-site support for local/regional projects, and has developed efficient and effective methods to coordinate and complete projects at a distance…

Using today’s technology, we can coordinate engineering drawings and documentation via the Internet, sometimes actually benefiting from the difference in time zones.

Weekly progress meetings, and even key project reviews, can be completed via teleconferencing, with emailed progress reports, documentation, and action lists, significantly reducing travel time and expenses. We have established Internet FTP for easy and fast transfer of very large files.

We provide the same level of close teamwork and coordination with our clients regardless of whether the project is small and local or large and distant.


The keystone to the success of Evergreen has always been  “the best reward for good work is more work.”

More than 95% of Evergreen’s business is repeat and referral. We get repeat and referral business by providing timely, superior products and services with value. This means that we listen carefully to our clients so that we understand what needs to be done; we develop and coordinate design and documentation; and we deliver the right design package on time and within budget.

Evergreen has developed a comprehensive set of Project Management Procedures for two levels of projects: simplified procedures for small projects and more complete procedures/documentation for medium to large projects. This is to ensure

  • Consistent, effective technical, schedule, and fiscal management of resources.
  • Effective teamwork and close coordination with the Client, its project team, and Evergreen’s project team.
  • Efficient design development, documentation, and delivery.
  • With the level of detail appropriate to the size and complexity of the project.

Evergreen also developed and maintains a comprehensive, effective System of Quality Control that includes

  • Dedicated Checking Department
  • CAD Procedures Manual
  • Standard specifications (CSI)
  • Client Standards and Specifications as appropriate
  • Scheduled Training for CAD designers and drafters

Our QC system is so effective that Evergreen has been hired by major industrial clients to develop CAD procedures and standards for their companies.